Shooting Range Scarborough

Welcome To Military Adventure Park in Scarborough

Shooting Range Scarborough

M16 Re-ball Shooting
Take aim down our indoor shooting range with an M16 paintball weapon. The weapons fire re-ball's which are more environmentally friendly and re-usable. This attraction is suitable for ages 6 and up.

The AK47 is one of the most infamous weapons in history. Here is your opportunity to fire a full size and weight replica of this famous assault rifle. The airsoft weapons fire 6mm plastic balls and we have paper targets for you to blast

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Lazer Battle in Scarborough

Welcome soldier to lazer battle here at the Military Adventure Park. Our state of the art laser weapons can be programmed to behave like any weapon from call of duty and our combat village will allow you to put your skills to the test. This is as real as it gets, forget paintball, there is no mess, no pain and best of all no extra cost.

Use the mounted red dot sights and aim for the enemy players in the village, get them in your sights and squeeze the trigger and hear the weapon fire into action. Obliterating your targets lives. Then duck and weave to use the cover to your advantage. Want more team games, then book a team game with your mates (minimum 10 people) and have the whole combat village to yourself. Then use the smoke and flashbangs the marshals put down to your advantage to destroy the enemy team/Your mates!.

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Assault Course in Scarborough

Fall in soldier … tackle our 55ft inflatable assault course!

Are you tough enough to get through our demanding course, including rock climb and 10ft drop slide?

Plenty of obstacles are in the way to trap the unwary so you’ll need your wits about you…

A true test of your military might!

Assault Course - just part of the Military Adventure Park – the top Scarborough fun park!

Military Adventure Park

One-Man Tiger Tank Driving Scarborough

Welcome tank commander. Here we have our 400cc half tonne tiger tanks for you to rip up our off-road track with. The tanks are easy and fun to drive and if you are over 8 then you can drive them by yourself. If under the age of 8 you will simply need to be accompanied by an adult or a member of the Military Adventure Park staff. This is a unique opportunity as there are very few mini-tank driving courses in the world.

You do not need to book, just turn up when the park is open and rock and roll. Our track is muddy, rocky, wet and sometimes dusty. Perfect for off road tank driving. If you would like to learn more about these fascinating and unique tanks then see our articles and subscribe to our newsletters.

There is NO NEED TO BOOK and Tank driving is available for all ages but under 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult

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Rock Climbing & Spider Mountain

Military Adventure Park

Zombie Experience

This is our latest attraction at the Military Adventure Park Scarborough. Indoor Airsoft Zombie Experience is ideal for everybody over 12. Armed with a high power MP5 Airsoft gun you will clear the theamed building of infected forma medical personel. The zombie virus they were working on broke out last week and you are part of the specialist team sent in to recover the antidote.

This airsoft attraction involves you clearing targets and live actors and does not involve shooting each other. Use flashbangs to clear the rooms (18+ only) and then clearing the rooms of any remaining zombies on your own or now with a friend(new for 2013). So if you have some spare time visiting Scarborough, why not come along to the Military Adventure Park and destroy zombies in our latest attraction ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE

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